The Download: Bhava Design Internship

By Yvonne LeOctober 2, 2013

This is an interview between the current design intern, Paige Danielson, and the graduated design intern, Yvonne Le, about the Bhava internship experience.

The above illustrations were created by the designers from their responses.

Yvonne Le

Graduated Design Intern

Paige Danielson: Can you introduce yourself?
Yvonne Le: Sure, I’m Yvonne from Austin, Texas and I went to school at Loyola Marymount University where I studied Multimedia Arts with an emphasis on image. I’ve always been interested in design as a hobby; growing up, I taught myself how to code and customized my own websites. I never thought of it as a profession until my brother, who is a Creative Director at an advertising agency, inspired and motivated me.

PD: Why did you choose Bhava?
YL: I chose Bhava because I was interested in learning about agency life and the tech space, having been raised in a tech-centric environment due to my father’s role at IBM. Bhava’s bright, colorful website also seemed to be a great fit to my energetic personality.

PD: How is Bhava different?
YL: The Bhava culture is different from my past internships. At Bhava we all work collaboratively in an open environment, and we get face time with all of our teammates every day. The Bhava team cares about me and my success, and everyone is here to help and support each other whenever we need it.

PD: What do you like most about working at Bhava?
YL: I like the continuing education opportunities. I’ve had the chance to attend workshops, conferences and events to learn new tips and tricks and have brought my learnings back to Bhava to share with the team.

PD: What was the hardest part of your internship?
YL: Client-facing meetings and email writing, because designers never learn the ins and outs of business life in school. The hard part is that it’s all about getting the experience, which comes over time and can’t be learned overnight.

PD: What do you think were your biggest takeaways from the internship?
YL: Finding my passions. The Bhava internship allowed me to dabble in different areas and further my skill set. I was able to hone in on my interests, which are now more focused towards coding than before, whereas before my internship I was completely unsure.

PD: How has the transition from intern to full-time employee been?
YL: The great thing about Bhava is that it sets you up for success. Bhava prepared me to for what it would mean to go full-time even before my internship was over, so it was a very smooth transition.

PD: What’s been the most rewarding project that you’ve worked on at Bhava thus far?
YL: Redesigning a client’s entire website. I enjoyed this project because I got to practice my coding skills, learn more about the processes of web design and work with a team on a multi-faceted and complex task. It was a long and extensive project but it was all worth it once we got to see it come to life.

PD: What’s your favorite font?
YL: That’s a tough one. That’s like choosing your favorite child. I go through phases but I’m really digging Didot right now.

PD: Any advice for future interns?
YL: Always ask questions, be curious and thrive by following what you don’t know to always be learning new things.