A Bhavan’s Eye View of Agency Life: Living Our Values as an Inc. Best Workplace

By Stephanie FloydJune 24, 2024

As a proud Bhavan for over 5 years, I’m thrilled that Bhava was just named an Inc. Best Workplace, highlighting the incredible culture, values and dedication to employee well-being that make Bhava such a great place to work. On Bhava’s 15th anniversary, this award serves as a reminder of the journey we’ve been on and our unwavering commitment to creating a supportive, creative and collaborative environment for our team.

Tech marketing and tech PR careers — whether you’re at an agency or in house — can be intense (and intensely rewarding). Your days are punctuated by a stream of deadlines, context switching, relationship juggling, content development, media and influencer outreach, managing briefings, attending industry events and sometimes odd hours to accommodate campaigns and announcements. 

That’s why, at Bhava, we work together diligently to cultivate a culture that both promotes well-being and rewards hard work. Here’s how:

Our Vibrant Culture

At Bhava, our culture is the heart and soul of our organization. With Bhavans in multiple time zones across the U.S., we prioritize staying connected. Regular company-wide calls, including a midweek check-in and Friday “Stand Up and Shout Out” calls, provide opportunities to share client and new business updates, play games, learn about each other and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Regional in-person working days and cross-regional travel foster face-to-face collaboration and bonding, so we never feel disconnected. 

Living Our Values Every Day

Bhava’s values of putting people first, integrity, fearless creativity, playfulness and passion for quality are the guiding principles that shape our interactions with each other and our clients. We approach challenges with a team mentality, celebrate each other’s wins and always strive to bring our best selves to everything we do. These values are not just words on a screen; they are lived and breathed by every Bhavan.

Meaningful Employee Benefits, Leaders That Listen

It’s easy for a company to say they care about their employees’ well-being, but Bhava walks the walk by actively seeking and actually listening to employee feedback and proactively enhancing the employee experience. Bhava’s commitment to employee well-being is evident in our generous benefits package. We have ample vacation time, wellness days, and comprehensive health, retirement savings and life insurance benefits. One of the things that sets Bhava apart is the company’s proactive approach to employee input. Leaders at every level actively seek and listen to input from Bhavans, making changes and enhancements aimed at continually making Bhava a better workplace. This genuine care and appreciation for each employee contributes to the long tenure of our team members. 

Investing in Our People

A teaching agency since Day One, Bhava places a very strong emphasis on professional development. New hires undergo a thorough and interactive three-month onboarding, setting them up for success from day one. Throughout their time at Bhava, employees receive ongoing mentorship from senior leaders, participate in continuous professional education and engage in formal and informal peer-based training. Our management approach includes in-the-moment feedback, weekly check-ins and regular professional development syncs with managers. Bhavans are provided with an intuitive framework to map their professional goals to Bhava’s annual business objectives and company values, fostering a sense of purpose and direct line of contribution to agency success.

The Best Tech PR, Marketing and Social Media Services Start with a Team Committed to Excellence — and Each Other

At Bhava, we’re passionate about delivering consistently high-quality work to our clients. As a full-service B2B and B2B2C tech PR, marketing and social media agency, our expertise spans the gamut of communications services. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors and true extensions of our clients’ teams. By staying attuned to the ever-evolving tech market and media landscape, we consistently bring fresh ideas and strategies to the table. Our outcome-oriented planning and execution, data-driven programs and hands-on involvement by senior leadership on all client accounts are among the elements that set us apart. We integrate the art and science of communications for maximum impact, ensuring that results align with our clients’ business objectives.

Check out what some of my teammates have to say about Bhava:

“Working at Bhava means collaborating with people we genuinely like. We integrate work with wellness activities and shared meals, creating an environment where teamwork and enjoyment go hand in hand.” – Mikka, Senior Account Executive, California

“Bhava is such a special place to work, and that is largely due to the company’s focus on fostering team camaraderie. We do so many engaging team activities in-person and remotely that not only bring out our competitive spirit but also give us an opportunity to bond as a team in fun and creative ways. I also enjoy our in-person co-working days in our various regions, which provide a unique opportunity to collaborate closely and share ideas in a new environment. I appreciate that Bhava prioritizes keeping us connected outside of our daily work routines. This emphasis on team bonding enriches our professional and personal lives while creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and motivated.”  – Kelsey, Account Manager, California 

“I’ve been able to see firsthand how Bhava encourages fearless creativity on a day-to-day basis. Constant collaboration and teamwork come first in everything we do as a company, and I have been provided endless opportunities to try new things. Ideas are not just accepted, but are encouraged to be shared, and Bhava’s emphasis on that has always made me feel like a valuable part of each of my teams.”  – Robyn, Content Specialist, Oregon

“I never feel disconnected from my teams in other regions. We meet consistently each week to check in on account activities, discuss upcoming projects and catch up with each other. I am thankful Bhava’s culture prioritizes being connected so we can collaborate and work together without ever missing a beat.” – Lydia, Account Coordinator, Texas

“Professional development is at the heart of Bhava’s values. From my start as an intern, to becoming an account manager, I’ve been encouraged every step of the way to take on new projects. Our goal-oriented approach to growth coupled with leadership’s passion for teaching, creates an engaging culture of continuous improvement and celebration of wins — both big and small. This has allowed me to advance my career and hit professional milestones alongside an exceptionally kind, hard working and playful team.” – Audrey, Account Manager, California

“In addition to health insurance, a 401K and PTO, I love that Bhava offers wellness time. The ability to take dedicated time for my well-being — on top of a week-long summer vacation and company closures on national holidays — makes me feel like my time and mental health are  truly valued. It’s really special to work somewhere that understands the importance of self-care and work-life balance for employees.” – Quincy, Account Executive, Texas

“Nurturing growth and empowerment within our team has always been a top priority for Bhava. Whether it’s through personal coaching, professional development or fostering a collaborative atmosphere, every team member is fully supported to be equipped with the tools they need to thrive and shine. This not only strengthens our bond as an agency, but also translates to our relationships with our clients. I strongly believe that our clients can sense the strength and readiness of our team in every interaction due to how Bhava internally cultivates a supportive and excellence-driven workplace.” – Emiley, Account Coordinator, California

“At Bhava, we believe that the professional development of our team members is fundamental to the success of both our people and our agency. We are dedicated to partnering with each Bhavan to prioritize their growth and chart a personalized path forward that aligns with our company’s objectives and values. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and empowering every team member to reach their full potential, we create an environment where Bhavans feel valued and motivated to make a meaningful impact on our collective success.” – Pam, Managing Director, California

Being named a 2024 Inc. Best Workplace is an incredible honor and a reflection of the exceptional culture, values, benefits and approach to PR that make Bhava such a special place to work. I’m proud to be part of a company that truly cares about its people and is dedicated to making a positive impact. As we celebrate this achievement and look to the future, I’m excited to continue growing both personally and professionally as part of the Bhava team.

Stephanie Floyd is a Senior Account Manager at Bhava. She’s passionate about all things B2B tech and nature. On the weekends you’ll find her dirt biking, horseback riding or tending to her chickens.