What we do

Ready to claim your space in the market and make a big statement? You’re in good company when you work with Bhava. Our creative experts in strategy, PR, marketing, content, design, messaging and social media develop integrated programs that achieve the best possible results time after time.

“It’s important for us to work with an agency that understands our business and functions as a true strategic partner. I collaborate closely every day with my Bhava team on executing programs that adapt to the ever-changing media, influencer and technology landscape. Over the last several years our business has evolved and so too has Bhava’s approach, which continues to move the bar higher and deliver exceptional results year after year.”

– Justin Dorff, Senior PR Manager at Puppet Labs

“We chose Bhava because of the agency’s track record putting early stage companies on the map, their reputation for effectively messaging complex technologies, deep domain expertise and mutual culture fit. I was blown away by the team’s strong media results coming out of DockerCon, driven by their creativity and dedication to leaving no stone unturned. Since then, awareness for our company continues to skyrocket and Bhava has become a true extension of our team.”

– Mark Davis, CEO, ClusterHQ

“We interviewed several PR agencies for KnuEdge and Bhava was immediately differentiated: They responded quickly, brought multiple team members to our project, and demonstrated their ability to understand even new and complex technologies. Since then they helped us drive an extremely successful public launch, and continue to impress with their professionalism, proactive and consistent attention to our business and responsiveness. Bhava is a huge value to our company.”

- Steve Cumings, CMO of KnuEdge


Get the most value out of your PR investment through our smart, ongoing engagement with the press, analysts and influencers who matter. While having journalists on speed dial will never go out of fashion, today’s shifting media landscape means that it takes more than relationships to deliver consistent PR results. Excellence requires constant creativity, agility, compelling content and a focus on thought leadership. We deliver PR strategy, proactive and rapid response outreach, contributed content programs, high-impact company and product launches, a steady stream of news announcements, speaking and awards programs, and analyst relations. Measurement is top of mind, including share of voice, message reach, competitive monitoring and industry analysis.


How your message is communicated matters as much as what is communicated and when. Bhava takes advantage of ever-evolving platforms and channels to help clients achieve business goals through modern marketing methods, including content marketing, cross-platform campaigns, social engagement and demand gen. Our deep tech domain expertise, knowledge of business dynamics and current industry awareness fuel our development of creative strategies, marketing assets and programs that resonate with our clients’ customers. We connect brands online and offline with their key audiences to build authentic exchanges and meaningful relationships.


Analysts provide important third-party validation for customers and press. Get in front of the right industry influencers with your narrative and complete the PR-AR circuit. Analyst Relations is a core competency of Bhava’s public relations services. We create mutually beneficial connections between our clients and industry analysts across the influencer spectrum. Bhava designs and implements AR programs tailored to each client’s unique market and research needs, audiences, budget and goals. We understand the different AR needs of stealth clients, high-growth and late-stage startups as well as public companies and provide strategic advice based on our relationships and years of experience.


Great content educates and motivates. Bhava writers and designers create digital and print materials that have impact and lasting value. We believe that to nail a story on the head, the visuals and the storyline must come together as a packaged whole. The words and the design must be equally strong. Whether it’s infographics, articles, e-books, blogs, brochures, videos, email campaigns, survey reports or tradeshow materials, we engage audiences where and when they gather and are most receptive. We take “on-message” assets and give them reach, transforming content into different forms to build a cohesive story across every relevant medium.


Well done thought leadership campaigns are a powerful antidote to today’s crowded tech media airwaves. Thought leadership shouldn’t be a commercial. It’s a point of view, sparking authentic conversations with targeted audiences to raise a company’s brand awareness. It’s a way to go beyond your go-to outlets and topics to reach for something bolder and bigger, more inspiring or more visionary. Our thought leadership campaigns integrate closely with our clients’ PR and marketing programs. From contributed articles and speeches to interviews and panel discussions, we create opportunities to offer an opinion or expert commentary based on information, research, ideas, customer experiences and personal anecdotes.


Tweet! Post! Pin! Share! Your customers, media and analysts, as well as potential new hires and investors all live on social media. Your company and your team need to be there, too. Our social media marketing strategists build audiences with highly interactive social media programs that reach customers, communities and influencers and entice them to share, co-create, listen and discuss. With a focus on ROI measurement, we develop and execute comprehensive, goal-driven social media campaigns that integrate with content marketing and PR. We make it easy to build relationships online with the audiences that matter most.


Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? Messaging is the foundation for all communications. If your messaging is weak or confusing, your PR and marketing suffers. Bhava’s messaging process is efficient in approach and sophisticated in execution to ensure that our clients are positioned for success and strategically differentiated from competitors. We uncover the most meaningful aspects of our clients’ products and business ethos to highlight the heart of why a company was created in the first place. Done right, messaging is the glue that enables cohesive communication to all relevant audiences, including press, analysts, customers, investors and employees.


You’ve got one shot to deliver your story to a reporter. Media training helps our clients navigate press meetings and articulate the strongest narrative about their company, technology and vision. Bhava’s Media Training arms spokespeople of all experience levels with techniques for how to stay on message, manage interview dynamics and get more airtime in media coverage. We teach the rules of engagement with media, best practices and how to prepare for different types of interviews, from in-person meetings to phone calls, broadcast and podcasts. Tailored 1:1 coaching sessions feature practice interviews where spokespeople can apply their training in a variety of situations.

“I started working with Bhava Communications after a rigorous search for a PR agency. Bhava was the clear choice for us because of their focus on content. The Bhava team quickly learned the nuances of our business, our market and our product. They helped us build a compelling story and took us through a very successful launch out of stealth, exceeding the expectations of our executives and Board. Because of that I truly consider them as an extension of my team. We’ve continued a long-term partnership with Bhava because of their delivery of consistent media, content and analyst results which have impacted both the brand and growth of our business in a positive way. Put simply, the Bhava team is an essential component of our communications program.”

– Rob Whiteley, VP of Marketing, Hedvig

“You guys are top notch. I can’t imagine better representation.”

– Allan Konar, Sales Engineer, Qwilt