Bhavans Share and Shop at Annual Freecyle Event

By BhavaJuly 7, 2015

A box of novels arrives on Monday morning, a lovely purse on Tuesday, a pile of clothes on Thursday. Must be time for Bhava Freecycle!

At least once a year, Bhava’s office turns into a giant magnet for goods that could go to a new home. An astounding variety of items appears on the mezzanine level lounge, from outfits and household items to jewelry, electronics, games, sports gear and more—all in the name of one of our four founding principles: Sustainability.

During Freecycle, Bhavans scour their homes for under-used items in good condition that someone else might be interested in acquiring. After collecting these items in the office for a few weeks, we have a “free shopping” extravaganza day where Bhavans can adopt items from their teammates. The remaining goods are organized and donated to a local charity.

Bhava Freecycle

Bhava Freecycle

Bhava Freecycle

Bhava Freecycle

As you can see, this year’s Freecycle yielded quite a haul. Once we’d accumulated a sufficient array of things, Bhavans gathered to rummage through the wares and grab any goodies that struck our fancy.

Not long after the event, the rave reviews poured in as Bhavans shared what they snagged. A few snippets:

Stephany: “I found new curtains for my home, which I have been needing but didn’t want to spend a fortune on. I also found some picture frames and a shoe rack. My favorite thing would have to be two matching rugs that I put in my tiled hallway. My roommate was excited that we found a cheap way to stop walking on the cold floor.”

Nicole: “I made out like a bandit. I got candles on candles on candles, a massive orchid for my bedroom, and an awesome wicker basket for storage of my mountains of shoes. I also grabbed a Brita pitcher and a curtain for my bedroom window.”

Vivian: “A huge pile of stickers that my kids loved and are using to create lots of arts and crafts!”

Lyn: “Tons of yummy tea!”

Freecycle is a big hit every year. It’s a great way to clear out clutter, a fun way to share with friends, and a joyful way to embrace sustainability and provide something of use to our community. Charity runs in Bhavans’ cultural DNA and Bhavans love to give back—after this year’s Freecycle we donated hundred of items. Cheers to freecycling!