Tech Journalists Report on the Best Way to Work With Them – Observations From Tech Reporter Panel

by Lori Bertelli

Getting back to basics is something we shouldn’t forget as PR professionals. Earlier this summer we attended a panel at Heavybit in San Francisco featuring infrastructure, application development and developer-focused journalists where the PR basics took center stage. The group included Christina Cardoza, news editor at SD Times; Alex Handy, writer at The New Stack; Charlene O’Hanlon, managing editor at Derrick Harris, currently founder, editor and writer at ARCHITECT and formerly at GigaOM and Fortune, moderated the discussion. The conversation covered the journalists’ core coverage areas and audience; how and when specific reporters want to hear from you and best practices in reducing friction to your pitch; relevant trends and how you can be written into them; and, what motivates journalists to cover you. Read more >>>

With Philanthropy as a Core Value, Club Phil is How Bhavans Give Back: Part 2

by Rhiannon Pacheco

Picking up where I left off in Part 1 of this blog post on Club Phil(anthropy), here’s what we’ve been up to. Read more >>>

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