Putting Bhavans on the Map

By Monica SmithFebruary 6, 2015

Where do Bhavans come from? Our team hails from all over, and since data visualization is one of our passions, we created this infographic to showcase where we grew up, where we studied and where we’re living now.

Bhava attracts all-stars from across the country so it’s no surprise that our team includes Midwesterners, East Coasters and a strong contingent of California natives. Our Emeryville office is an easy commute, so you’ll find Bhavans interspersed throughout the Bay Area with many of us living in San Francisco and the East Bay.

Check out the infographic below for more fun details. And wherever you’re from, drop us a line if you’re looking for new challenges and phenomenal teammates.

Where do Bhavans Come From - Bhava Communications