7 Breakfast and News Combos for a Perfect PR Morning

By Chelsea LarssonNovember 6, 2014

Whether our morning includes a cup of black coffee and TechCrunch or a bowl of granola while pouring over Twitter, we all have a favorite way to kick off a day of PR. We asked seven Bhavans to share their go-to breakfast and morning news pairings:

Alyssa, Account Executive
Bhava Breakfast: Bagel with lox and black coffee
Paired with: TechCrunch and Re/code because they are easy to digest and provide up-to-date information that is relevant to our clients’ tech domains. I really enjoy the Re/Code writers’ candid and honest writing style as well as their humor.

Lauren, Account Executive
Bhava Breakfast: Plain yogurt with granola and coffee with cream
Paired with: VentureBeat. I like the well-crafted news stories and clean layout. It covers topics spanning from consumer to enterprise technology, giving me a comprehensive look at the news of the day.

Andrew, Account Coordinator
Bhava Breakfast: Banana and black coffee
Paired with: Fortune Term Sheet, which provides a comprehensive summary of all the funding and market news and only takes a few minutes to scan. It’s a great way to stay on top of the latest market news and gain insights into what reporters are working on and the stories they’re interested in covering—crucial information for a PR practitioner.

Lyn, Account Coordinator
Bhava Breakfast: Steel-cut oatmeal with fruit and Earl Grey tea with whole milk
Paired with: The Circa app. It aggregates top news stories and presents straight facts from reliable sources in a easy-to-digest format. Also, ITdatabase gives a comprehensive overview of what a reporter has been writing about, so we can ensure our pitches are relevant to each of our contacts.

Ilan, Senior Account Executive
Bhava Breakfast: Eggo waffles and orange juice
Paired with: A deluge of daily newsletters. I start with the Quartz Daily Brief, The New Yorker and Jason Hirschhorn’s @MediaREDEF and then move on to tech newsletter round-ups from the WSJ’s CIO Journal, Gigaom, etc. Newsletters are great for providing context for the day, ideas for pitches and being exposed to articles and topics that you might not search for otherwise.

Soumya, Associate Account Coordinator
Bhava Breakfast: Chia seed “oatmeal” and kefir
Paired with: RSSOwl. It’s great for pairing key terms like “big data” with a specific search engine like Google to find relevant news fast.

Anton, Senior Account Executive
Bhava Breakfast: Breakfast burrito and coffee with cream and cinnamon
Paired with: Twitter. I scan my feed first thing in the morning to get the news directly from journalists I follow. I always like to discuss their stories with them on Twitter and send them relevant articles they might find interesting.

What is your PR power breakfast?